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iPod Troubleshooting / Help

Sunday, June 14, 2009 - - 0 Comments

Your iPod is a very valuable tool that many people enjoy. Although nobody wants anything to go wrong with their iPod, eventually something will and you need to know what to do if something does. If your iPod freezes, or won't turn on, don't freak out. Just follow these simple steps in order to help solve the problem.

First of all, if your iPod is frozen or won't turn on make sure the hold button is turned off. Next, reset your iPod by holding the center button and the menu button at the same time. If that doesn't work try holding the center button and the play/pause button until your iPod boots into disk mode. Now you should be able to plug your iPod into your computer. If your iPod is still not working correctly your best option is to restore it by plugging it into your computer, opening iTunes, clicking on your iPod, and then clicking the button restore. This will delete all of your songs and settings, but also restore it to factory condition. Your iPod should now be fixed. If you followed all these directions and your iPod still won't turn on, you should send it into Apple and they'll fix it for you. Here is a video made by Apple that should be easier to understand.

You can watch the video HERE.

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Best iPod accessories

Saturday, June 13, 2009 - - 0 Comments

Your iPod is a very unique and powerful tools. It can be used almost anywhere. You can take much advantage of your iPod with some great accessories. They may cost a bit of money but they are all well worth it. From listening to your iPod through speakers, through your car radio, mounting your iPod in your car, making the battery last 42 hours longer, removing your iPod of scratches, protecting it from scratches, and even listening to your iPod through wireless headphones. There are many great iPod accessories out there, but i'm just going to scratch the surface on what I think are the best one's at a good price.

  1. TEAC Ultra Thin Hi-Fi System w/iPod Docking Station- Your iPod is a great tool for listening to high quality music. But you don't always want to be listening through head phones do you? Sometimes you just want to lay back and listen through speakers. I have this speaker system and it's great for the price. The sound is really awesome. You can play CD's, and listen to the radio on it too. It also comes with a remote that works with your iPod so you don't have to get up to change the song.

  2. Kensington Digital FM Transmitter/Car Charger for iPod- This is perfect for listening to your iPod while driving anywhere. From driving across hundreds of miles, to driving to your local grocery store. It will play your iPod's music through your car radio. Personally I love this, because radio stations often play too many commercials, and the sound is great quality.

  3. Vent Mount for iPhone and all iPods- This accessory really ties in great with the FM transmitter above. It mounts your iPod in your car so you can easily change the song on your iPod without having to dig through your car (while driving) to grab your iPod. It makes your iPod really accessible in your car.

  4. myPower Rechargeable Battery and Dock- Watching videos on your iPod is a real drag. My video iPod only lasts about a few hours at best. This accessory is a small lightweight dock that surrounds your iPod and charges it. It really sucks when your iPod dies in the middle of an airplane ride, or a long car trip, and you have no way to recharge it. With this accessory you get up to 42 more hours of battery!

  5. Applesauce Polish Scratch Removal Kit for iPod- You'd think some of these iPods were designed to scratch like crazy. Without a case to protect your iPod for even a few days can cause lots of scratches. Now you can remove them with this little accessory easily. It really works great to remove the scratches and is easy to apply.

  6. Invisible Shield- Your iPod is an investment that you should keep in good condition. I highly recommend protecting your iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone with the Invisible Shield. You barely notice that it's even there, and it works great. It is scratch proof and highly durable.

  7. iMuffs Blue Tooth headphones- Last but not least, wireless headphones. Freedom from wires all around you this accessory is great anywhere. We're turning into a wireless culture and headphones are gradually moving wireless. These headphones will work up to 10m away from your iPod, with great sound.

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iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3G S

Friday, June 12, 2009 - - 0 Comments

So what exactly does the iPhone 3G S have that the iPhone 3G does not? Well that answer is simple. Speed. Yep, with over 2x the ram the iPhone is the fastest, most powerful phone yet. But is speed really all that important? Is it worth the extra bucks? Well, the 3G S also comes with some other special features. It comes with a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording. The iPhone 3G only came with a 2 megapixel camera and no video recording. The 3G S also comes with voice control. Meaning you can simply say a command to play music, or place a call. How convenient is that? Last but not least one of the best upgrades in my opinion is the space. The new iPhone 3G S is going to be released in your choice of 16GB or 32GB compared to the 3G 8GB of storage. But is all this really worth it to upgrade to the 3G S? I guess we'll find out when it's released in stores June 18.

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Convert a Video to Your iPod

Thursday, June 11, 2009 - - 0 Comments

Converting a video to your iPod is a very easy thing to do, but most people don't know how. Videos on your iPod are great for anywhere and anytime you want! Your iPod is so portable that you can keep it in your pocket and whenever you want to watch a video, just pull it out and watch anywhere. So why not take advantage of all the great things your iPod can do?

To do this guide your going to need to download Videora iPod Converter. Don't worry there is no viruses, it is perfectly safe. Now you're going to want to install this once your download is finished.

  1. First after you've installed Videora iPod Converter you're going to want to click the "Convert" button at the very top of the page.

  2. Next, click the "Video File" tab near the top of the window. And I recommend choosing "Normal Mode" if you're an inexperienced user, only use "Power Mode" if you know exactly what you're doing.

  3. Now it's time to select the file you want to convert. Click the "Select File" button near the bottom of the screen and locate the file you want to convert to your iPod.

  4. Now choose your "Output Directory". This is where Videora will save your converted video after it's done converting. Then hit the orange "Next" button in the middle of the screen.

  5. On this step give your video a title. Then once again hit the orange "Next" in the middle of the screen.

  6. Here is where you choose the quality of your video. The higher the quality the more space it will take up and the longer it will take to convert. But I recommend choosing the highest quality. After that hit the orange "Next" button in the middle of the screen.

  7. The final step! Simply hit "Start Converting" at the bottom of the screen. Congrats, you're done! Just wait for the video to finish converting and put the video onto your iPod. If you need help with putting videos or music onto your iPod go here.

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How to put a DVD onto your iPod


So you have a bunch of DVDs at home but you want to be able to watch them on your iPod while your in a car, on a plane, or in a hotel, but you don't have the slightest idea on how to go about this? It's really not that complicated Well here's my simple guide which will make it easier than ever for you.

Now there's two programs that you need to download. One is Videora iPod Converter which can be found here. And the other is DVD Decrypter which can be found here.

  1. First your going to want to install both Videora iPod Converter, and DVD Decrypter to your computer.
  2. Next, insert the DVD that you want to put onto your iPod into the DVD drive, and open up DVD Decrypter
  3. Now click the "Mode" menu and make sure that "IFO" is checked. If not, click on it.

  4. Now, go to the "Tools" menu and click "Settings..." Then click the "IFO Mode" tab and make sure that "File Splitting" is set to "None".

  5. Now go back to the main screen, and click the "Stream Processing" tab. Check the box "Enable Stream Processing", and ONLY select the first two boxes.

  6. Now you're almost ready to begin ripping the DVD. But first notice where the file is going to be saved. Once your sure you know you want to save it there, begin ripping your DVD by clicking the icon below.

Once your DVD is finished ripping go here to finish the tutorial on how to put a DVD onto your iPod.

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How to Protect Your iPod?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - - 0 Comments

So you need a way to protect your iPod from scratches, but you still want to be able to keep that sleek design and look that the iPod already offers. I'm a guy who has tried almost everything to keep my iPod scratch free. But couldn't find the right protection that didn't cover up my iPod's true identity. But then I found this new product. One that protects my iPod from scratches and chips. The best part about this, is that it works for all mp3 players, iPods, and cell phones (including iPhone). So how should you protect your iPod?

It's called the invisible shield. It's used from the same material used to protect helicopter blades. Not only does it protect your iPod great. It also comes with a life time replacement guarantee, so if you break the film (which is not likely), they will send you a new one free. I currently use this on my iPod and love it. It protects my iPod from scratches, and you can barely tell it's there! Still don't believe me? You will after you see this video.

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Get Games On Your iPod FREE!


Hate paying for iPod games? Get 20 games on your iPod for free!
These games include:

  • Pacman
  • Cubis
  • Mahjong
  • Bejeweled
  • Solitaire
  • Sudoku
  • Zuma
  • Texas Hold Em
  • Musika
  • Lost
  • Sims Pool
  • Sims Bowling
  • Ms Pacman
  • Vortex
  • SAT Preps (2)
  • iQuiz

NOTE: THIS WORKS ON 5th Generation iPods and 5.5 Generation iPods ONLY!
  1. Determine which generation iPod you have.
  2. Click the download link down below for your generation iPod only.
  3. Download the games and extract the .zip file. (Link below)
  4. Open up your iPod in "My Computer". And view hidden files and folders. Open up the "iPod_Control" folder and paste the "Games_RO" folder there.
  5. Download iPod wizard here and open up iPod Wizard
  6. Change the edit mode to “Firmware File”.
  7. Click “Open Firmware” and choose either “5g Firmware.bin” or “5.5g Firmware.bin” based on weather you have a 5 generation or a 5.5 generation iPod. NOTE: IF YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE YOU WILL HAVE TO BOOT INTO DISK MODE TO RESTORE YOUR IPOD.
  8. Click “Write to iPod”
  9. Eject your iPod when it is done.
  10. Reset your iPod by holding in the center button and play/pause button until the apple logo appears.
  11. Go to Extras > Games on your iPod, choose your game, and enjoy.
Download 20 iPod games here.

Download 5th generation iPod firmware.

Download 5.5 generation iPod firmware.

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